Roger Stone might be getting himself sent to prison after all

In a dead giveaway that Roger Stone knows all of Donald Trump’s dirtiest secrets, Trump has bent over backward to keep Stone out of prison. First Trump commuted Stone’s sentence, and then more recently Trump issued a pardon that claims to cover every crime Stone has committed.

But now Roger Stone has surfaced on far right lunatic social network Parler. Stone is claiming to be tracking the location of “Republicans who opposed the president” and is vowing to “hold them responsible for their actions.” When you’re talking about tracking someone’s physical location and vowing to take action against them, you run the risk of violating various federal laws. Stone then goes on to specifically target Stuart Stevens of the Lincoln Project, in a homophobic tirade that we’re not going to print.

This only matters in the sense that Roger Stone might be sending himself to prison after all. His pardon might cover crimes he hasn’t been charged with yet, but it doesn’t cover crimes that he commits after its issuance. If Stone’s words tonight constitute a crime, or if his rhetoric continues to escalate to the point that he does commit a clear-cut crime, Stone could end up criminally charged after all. Like so many of Trump’s other people, Stone is now ensuring himself the worst outcome possible.

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