Chuck Schumer for the win

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There seems to be confusion and some innuendo out there that Schumer is somehow kowtowing to the loser McConnell. Not so.

The Senate needs an organizing resolution at the beginning of each new Congress. It can’t operate without one. Until the resolution is passed, committees revert to their makeup at the end of the last Congress, which means Democratic chairs will run committees with GOP majorities since Democrats cannot add members without the resolution – not good.

McConnell is attempting to strong-arm Schumer by holding up the organizing resolution unless Schumer agrees to protect the filibuster requiring a 60-vote threshold for legislation. Make no mistake about it this is slime ball McConnell trying to latch onto power so he can rally his caucus to block Biden’s legislation for the people of this country – effectively becoming the de facto Senate Majority Leader even as the loser. Schumer is having none of it.

The fact that McConnell is insisting on keeping a rule he never sought to abide by himself is a joke. If Republicans block every piece of Biden legislation the threat of getting rid of the filibuster is a tool that Schumer and the Democrats need to have in their toolbox. They cannot and will not give it away. Screw Mitch McConnell. A leopard doesn’t change its spots. Schumer isn’t kowtowing here. He’s simply trying to get this organizing resolution done so he can add committee members and get down to business, but he’s not about to sell-out his power and his caucus to get it done.

It’s time to let Schumer know we are with him and we are cheering him on for holding firm. We got rid of Moscow Mitch as majority leader for a reason. The last thing we want to do is scream at Schumer to return it through the backdoor. He’s got this.

Dear Palmer Report readers: contribute $25 and we can win it all: Donate now!