Bon voyage, Tucker Carlson!

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There are some days one remembers forever because they’re great days for America. 4/24/2023 is one of them. It was the day the malevolent Ferris Wheel stopped turning. It was the day the symphony of misinformation ended its morbid chords. The distorted mirror’s concave curves became just a bit more clear.

It was the day the image of the giggling gnome — the imp — behind the smoke and mirrors started to blur, becoming foggier until it was gone for good. The cold fire became mere embers as the lying merry-go-round sputtered to its final stop.

It was the day Tucker Carlson and Fox non-news parted ways. Fox announced in a terse statement that they had parted ways with Tucker . They said nothing else. It’s a shocking moment in media news. And it’s one that’s been a long time coming.

But it’s true. Yes, Fox bid ado to the whirling dervish of Bhate. He of the ghoulish grin, ogre’s laugh, and crazed little giggle. The critter is gone baby gone — from the loony Carnivale.

Adding to Tucker’s humiliation, Fox also said that his last show was last week. On Friday, to be exact. So that means he did not have even a minute to say goodbye to his “fans.” Why? That’s what all are asking. Why did the evil park fire its carnival barker?

Could this be related to the Dominion lawsuit? Plenty of people think so. But it’s important to say we do not know anything yet. It’s also being reported that Tucker had no idea this move was coming until Monday morning. What we DO know is Tucker has brought the network nothing but horrible press lately.

Fox indeed has it in them. They ended Bill O’Reilly’s career there in much the same way. And we at Palmer Report have always said this was possible. Remember — when the bad starts to outweigh the good, that’s usually when moments like this happen.

And do not forget that former Fox Producer Abby Grossberg has sued the network. Many think that THIS has something to do with it. This decision could not have been taken lightly. And, it’s what we’ve waited for — the great humiliation of Tucker Carlson.

It’s long overdue. We have waited for this moment for years. But make no mistake; this could not have been an amicable parting. So once again, hubris claims yet another victim. This time we celebrate. This one’s for us. And I think I speak for all of us when I say adios tucker — adios and good riddance.

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