The real reason Fani Willis is now looking at a July timetable for indicting Donald Trump

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Why is Fulton County DA Fani Willis now pointing to July as the earliest for indicting Donald Trump? Sounds like she just gained multiple cooperators in the case, after several “fake electors” became open to immunity deals.

You have to trust that prosecutors know how to read a calendar, know how long trials take in their jurisdiction, and know when they need to indict Trump by, in order for his trial to safely take place before the election. That includes knowing what delay tactics Trump is going to try, and how much time those tactics are going to buy him. These kinds of delay tactics are finite; there’s no such thing as “running out the clock” for as long as you like.

If Willis thought she was going to run out of time to put Trump on trial before the election, she’d be indicting him now (there’s grand jury time in two weeks), without the help of the people who have flipped. She clearly thinks she still has enough time to incorporate them.

Since this is entirely about getting a conviction, it’s the right move. When lower level criminal targets are flipping, it sharply increases the odds of convicting the biggest fish like Donald Trump when you get to trial.

We saw this in Manhattan, where trials tend to take longer to happen. It’s part of why Alvin Bragg was the first to indict Trump. He was up against a different clock. The same is also true with Jack Smith, whose criminal trials against Trump will take place in federal court, which moves much more quickly than most state courts. Fani Willis knows her timetable as well. She’ll indict Trump with enough time to bring him to trial before the election. Of all the things to be concerned about in politics right now, “Oh no we’re running out of time to put Trump on trial before the election” isn’t one of them. That’s just empty doomsday hype that people use to get retweets.

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