Donald Trump begins dropping bombs in Syria to try to distract from Pee Pee Tape bombshell

At the end of a day in which one bombshell after another all but confirmed that Donald Trump’s “Pee Pee Tape” incident really did happen, and that his attorney Michael Cohen is caught up in the middle of it, Trump has just stepped before the television cameras to address the nation. Instead of addressing his scandals or resigning, Trump has instead announced that he’s dropping bombs on Syria as we speak.

Many have long suspected that as Trump’s criminal scandals closed in on him, he would try to start a war as a last ditch attempt at a distraction. In his brief statement, Trump said that the U.S. is undertaking a joint operation with France and the United Kingdom. The involvement of these two U.S. allies, both of whom have governments that have no love for Trump, suggests that the military action in Syria will be legitimate and warranted. That said, there is no escaping the fact that Trump is launching an act of war as a direct attempt at distracting from his worsening scandals.

Last year Trump fired fifty-nine Tomahawk missiles into a Syrian air base but went out of his way not to hit anything crucial, and the air base was up and running again a short time later. In hindsight that operation was nothing more than an attempt at a distraction. We’re guessing the British and French aren’t going to miss their targets on purpose, like Trump did last time around.

We’re also assuming that Russian President Vladimir Putin has already secretly given Donald Trump approval for this bombing, so that Trump can claim to have properly addressed Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s recent gas attack on his own people, while also distracting from today’s scandalous developments. Robert Mueller has confirmed that Michael Cohen really was in Prague in 2016, as claimed by the Trump-Russia dossier, which means the Pee Pee Tape is almost certainly real. In other words, Trump is dropping bombs in Syria to distract from his worsening scandals.

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