Michael Cohen went to Prague in 2016 after all. Here comes Donald Trump’s Pee Pee Tape.

Earlier today Palmer Report pointed out that based on the manner in which Donald Trump approached former FBI Director James Comey about the Pee Pee Tape, as documented in Comey’s new book, the Russian prostitute incident more or less had to have really happened. Now it turns out Special Counsel Robert Mueller has obtained evidence confirming one of the key claims made about the Pee Pee Tape in the Trump-Russia dossier, and it involves Michael Cohen.

The dossier penned by former MI6 agent Christopher Steele asserted that Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen traveled to Prague in 2016 to negotiate the terms of the Pee Pee Tape blackmail with the Russians. This part of the dossier was never verified, even as so many other aspects of the dossier were gradually verified. Cohen responded at the time by posting a photo of his passport on Twitter, asserting that he has never even been to Prague. But now Mueller reportedly has evidence that he was lying.

McClatchy is now reporting that Robert Mueller has discovered that Michael Cohen did go to Prague in that timeframe, and managed to keep his passport clean by entering the Czech Republic through its open border with Germany. This does not legally prove that he went there to negotiate with the Russians about the Pee Pee Tape. But come on. Why sneak in through Germany to begin with? And if he had gone there for any other reason, he would have simply said so once the dossier was published, instead of claiming he never went to Prague.


If Michael Cohen did go to Prague during the election to negotiate with the Russians, as the Trump-Russia dossier asserts, then it means we’re now very close to the Pee Pee Tape, one way or the other. Now for the big question: did the Russians give Cohen a copy for verification, and if so, was it seized when the FBI raided Cohen’s office and residence on Monday?

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