Gordon Sondland just took a blowtorch to everyone

When Gordon Sondland’s written opening statement became public just before this morning’s House impeachment hearing began, it was immediately clear that he was throwing everyone under the bus. Sondland wrote that Donald Trump ordered him to work with Rudy Giuliani in Ukraine, that there absolutely was a quid pro quo, that Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo knew, and that pretty much everyone in the Trump regime was in on the Ukraine plot.

Now that Sondland has completed his verbal opening statement in front of the television cameras, it’s becoming clear just how damaging his testimony is for everyone involved. Sondland is taking a figurative blowtorch to the entire upper ranks of the Trump regime – particularly Donald Trump himself.

In fact Sondland is going even further with his answers to Adam Schiff’s opening round of questions. Sondland says that Donald Trump told him very clearly that he didn’t care about the fate of Ukraine. He also says that the Ukrainians absolutely knew they were going to have to promote the fake Biden scandal if they wanted anything at all from the Trump regime. Sondland is also stressing that he told Mike Pence all about what was going on, thus erasing Pence’s shot at deniability.

Gordon Sondland may only be coming clean because he’s trying to avoid a perjury charge for his earlier faulty testimony. But the bottom line is that Sondland is coming clean. It’s rapidly starting to look like Sondland is going to end up being the John Dean of his era. Donald Trump has got to be hiding under his desk right now.

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