Donald Trump is crying like a baby

U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland is now roughly forty-five minutes into taking a blowtorch to Donald Trump and the entire Trump regime. He’s coming clean about the Ukraine extortion scandal. He’s making clear that everyone was in on it. He’s spelling out that everyone knew. He’s destroying Trump in real time.

So what does Donald Trump have to say about all of this? On Twitter, he’s saying nothing. But curiously, his White House released this statement to CNN’s Jim Acosta: “President Trump is watching Ambassador Sondland’s testimony today.” Well okay then.

So now we know that not only is Donald Trump watching, for some reason he wants everyone to know that he’s watching. Is this some too-subtle attempt at trying to intimidate Sondland? Because if so, it’s clearly not working. Sondland is just going for it today, under the apparent presumption that the only way to save himself is to destroy Trump for all to see.

Donald Trump is surely crying like a baby right now. In fact that’s not even water that Gordon Sondland keeps drinking out of that cup. He’s drinking Trump’s tears. We’re watching what’s left of Trump’s presidency get run through a shredder on live national television – and now we know that Trump is watching his down downfall along with us.

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