Donald Trump goes berserk after Bill Barr sells him out

When Bill Barr announced yesterday that Trump had lost the election fair and square, he then tried to throw an imaginary bone to Donald Trump by also announcing that John Durham would be allowed to investigate the Trump-Russia investigators beyond the end of Trump’s term.

This meant absolutely nothing, because Durham has already made clear that he’s finished his work and found no systemic wrongdoing on the part of the people who investigated Trump. The only question was whether Trump would be fooled by the news, and mistakenly believe that Barr was somehow helping him.

It turns out even Trump has apparently seen through it, and now understands that Barr is more worried about saving his own butt than about saving Trump’s butt. Trump’s allies are telling The Washington Post tonight that Trump is even considering firing Barr, which would be a remarkably petty thing to do, considering Barr will lose his job in fifty days anyway.

Of course one consistency about Trump’s behavior is that when he leaks that he’s going to do something assertive, he usually doesn’t go through with it. We suspect that Trump still needs Barr’s help trying to pull off his pardons for himself and his kids, so Trump won’t fire Barr just yet. That is, unless Trump has become so spitefully self destructive, he’s going to start firing the people he still needs.

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