Donald Trump’s big bluff just fell to pieces

Last night Donald Trump threatened to veto the entire U.S. military budget unless Congress adds a provision allowing him to punish Twitter for the mean things that people tweet about him. At the time, Palmer Report pointed out that Trump would have to cave on this, because he simply doesn’t have the muscle to pull it off.

Sure enough, Politico is now reporting that Republicans in Congress are planning to simply ignore Trump’s threat. There’s a reason we saw this coming. It’s not about Republicans “finding a conscience” or “growing a spine,” as those concepts don’t exist on the Republican side. It’s only ever about what they each selfishly feel is best for their own career. And the Republicans in Congress aren’t about to get stuck being seen as having defunded the military.

It’s the latest sign that, regardless of whatever remaining lip service they may be giving to his fantasy that he secretly won the election, Republicans are largely just moving on from Donald Trump. They have their own grifts to carry out, and at this point his pity party is just getting in their way.

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