Here’s the thing about President Joe Biden’s Attorney General pick

Numerous names are now leaking as being in consideration for Joe Biden’s Attorney General. Here’s the thing. Most of the leaks we’ve seen thus far for other key Biden positions have turned out to be wildly wrong.

For reference, best as I can recall, all of the leaks about people being “in consideration” for Biden’s Secretary of State, UN Ambassador, Homeland Security Director, and National Security Adviser were wrong. Why do these leaks keep being wrong? Because they’re misinformation. Someone who isn’t in contention wants to be in contention, so they or their allies leak their name as being in contention, in the hope that Biden notices and considers them. So when I see it reported that someone is “in consideration” for a position, I usually take it as a sign that they’re not in consideration.

This doesn’t apply to the final “night before” leaks where a news outlet is outright confirming that someone is about to be announced; those are always accurate because they’re coming from Biden’s camp. But with few or no exceptions, it’s clear that the Biden camp is not leaking names about who’s “in consideration” as trial balloons.

So as the list of leaks about who’s “in consideration” for Attorney General continues to grow, keep in mind that it’s probably someone whose name isn’t leaking. If you’re seriously in consideration, you’re not going to risk alienating President Biden by leaking that you’re in consideration. So the most likely pick is someone whose name is maybe or maybe not being kicked around by the media, but who hasn’t been tied to any “in consideration” leaks.

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