Bill Barr covers his tracks in Jeffrey Epstein’s death

Suicide continues to be the most straightforward explanation for the death of Jeffrey Epstein. The thing is, if that’s the case, it doesn’t explain why Donald Trump and Bill Barr keep behaving in increasingly suspicious fashion when it comes to Epstein’s death. In fact Barr is already preemptively trying to cover his tracks as if he has something that needs to be covered up.

Donald Trump has already falsely accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of having somehow magically managed to murder Jeffrey Epstein – even though Epstein was in the custody of Trump’s Department of Justice at the time – and now that Trump is being called out for it, he’s refusing to fully walk it back. This kind of projection is usually a giveaway that Trump has something to hide when it comes to his connection to Epstein, even if Trump had nothing to do with Epstein’s death. But Attorney General Bill Barr is now trying out-Trump Donald Trump when it comes to projection.

Before anyone had a chance to investigate anything, Bill Barr was already openly speculating about how the jail must have done something improper when it came to Jeffrey Epstein’s death. That’s not how the nation’s highest ranking prosecutor is supposed to approach an investigation. Yesterday, Palmer Report pointed to a pair of major media reports that steered the blame toward everyone but Barr, and we pointed out that Barr has a habit of being the unnamed source for these kinds of stories. Now Barr has taken it further.

It’s not just that Bill Barr appears to have planted a story in the media about the jail having left Jeffrey Epstein in the custody of someone who wasn’t a regular guard on the night Epstein died. Now Barr is using this report as an excuse to temporarily reassign the warden, and put two other employees on administrative leave, according to an MSNBC report.

So what is Bill Barr doing here? We can tell you what he’s doing, we just don’t know why. Barr is clearly trying to preemptively scapegoat the people running the jail – before he could possibly know whether they were negligent or not – so he can create the appearance that the problem has been identified and solved. Barr clearly hopes this will be enough to sate the public and make the scandal go away. What we don’t know is why Barr is trying to arbitrarily pin the blame now, rather than allowing the investigation to run its course. It suggests Barr doesn’t like what the investigation is going to find, whatever it may be.

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