Why Donald Trump should be worried about this new Jeffrey Epstein fraud scandal

When Jeffrey Epstein died this past weekend of an “apparent suicide,” some of his secrets undoubtedly died with him. At the same time, his death appears to have made some people feel more safe in coming forward with their stories about Epstein’s crimes. That’s what just happened with regard to Epstein’s role in a huge Ponzi scheme, and let’s just say that some of the details should have Donald Trump worried.

Steven Hoffenberg is accusing Jeffrey Epstein of having participated in a decades-long, billion dollar Ponzi scheme in New York City in the eighties and nineties. Hoffenberg would know, because he was the creator of the scheme, and he went to prison for several years for it. Now he’s coming forward to reveal that Epstein was a “paid consultant” for the criminal entity during that timeframe. Why does this matter?

The Ponzi scheme doesn’t appear to involve Donald Trump, at least on the surface. In fact the CBS News article that broke the story doesn’t even mention Trump. But there are a number of things that line up in alarming fashion. For instance, in 2002, Trump stated that Epstein was a “terrific guy” and that he’d known him for fifteen years. This traces back precisely to the year 1987, which is the same year that Hoffenberg says he first hired Epstein.

By Donald Trump’s own admission, he was tight with Jeffrey Epstein during the precise timeframe in which Epstein was helping to run one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in New York City. When you consider that every financial deal that Trump has ever pursued has turned out to be a mere front for some kind of financial fraud, and that Trump only appears to associate with people when he thinks he can get money out of it… let’s just say that if Trump was involved in Epstein’s Ponzi scheme, it’s time for him to be worried. Unlike some other crimes, financial crimes always have paper trails.

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