Donald Trump abruptly changes his Jeffrey Epstein story

Earlier, Palmer Report told you how everyone from House Republicans to Rudy Giuliani were publicly pushing back against Donald Trump’s deranged assertion that Hillary and Bill Clinton somehow had Jeffrey Epstein murdered. It looks like Trump took the hint, because he’s suddenly changing his story. Unfortunately, he took the wrong hint.

While standing in front of the TV cameras today, Donald Trump was asked if he really meant it when he posted a pair of retweets accusing the Clintons of taking Epstein out. Trump’s answer: “I have no idea.” Sorry, wrong answer, buddy. You can’t falsely accuse people of murder and then, when you’re called out on it, say you have “no idea” if it’s true. Either you stand by the accusation or you retract it. But that’s just the beginning of the problem here.

There’s a reason why even Trump’s Republican loyalists in the House are making a point of running away from Trump’s deranged conspiracy theory about the Clintons. It’s not just that it’s untrue, inappropriate, unpresidential, and damaging to the public discourse – though those are all certainly the case.

It’s that Donald Trump has a consistent penchant for projection and everyone knows it. When he falsely accuses one of his adversaries of something specific, most of the time it turns out he’s the one who’s doing that specific thing. This doesn’t mean Trump had Jeffrey Epstein killed, of course. But it does give away that Trump has something to hide in the overall Epstein scandal. Trump’s allies must be sweating while wondering just how ugly it is, and how negatively it’ll impact the GOP.

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