Rudy Giuliani screws up and gives away what Donald Trump fears most about Robert Mueller’s investigation

After Rudy Giuliani screwed up and revealed additional incriminating details about the Trump-Russia meeting at Trump Tower, Donald Trump appeared to bench him. Rudy was left out of the rotation of Trump surrogates sent on television this week, and he ended up killing time by endorsing GOP candidates on Twitter and getting their names wrong. But it looks like Rudy is back in the Trump propaganda mix – and he’s promptly screwed up again.

Donald Trump keeps insisting that he wants to sit down for an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but his actions have long suggested that he’s trying to find a way to avoid it. What’s he so afraid of? If he tells the truth about his role in his scandals, he’ll be incriminating himself. If he lies about it, Mueller will likely be able to catch him in the act, thanks to the prior testimony of various Trump underlings. But what aspect of his scandals does Trump specifically fear most? Let’s ask Rudy.

Rudy Giuliani decided to tell online news outlet Axios that these are the two specific topics Donald Trump doesn’t want to be asked about: “Why Trump fired FBI Director James Comey” and “What Trump said to Comey about the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn.” Oops. That’s like the police showing up at your door, and you telling them that they’re welcome to look anywhere in the house, except for the bedroom closet.

Donald Trump has committed more than a dozen distinct acts of obstruction of justice since taking office. Why is he so afraid of these two in particular? Michael Flynn (plea deal) and James Comey (nothing to hide) are both confirmed cooperating witnesses in Robert Mueller’s investigation, so perhaps this is what has Trump so spooked. In any case, thanks to Rudy’s mouth, Robert Mueller now knows precisely what to focus in on the most.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report