Donald Trump has berserk meltdown as Trump Tower Moscow scandal gets even worse for him

Today started off terrible for Donald Trump when Michael Cohen confirmed that Trump was plotting with the Russians during the election to build Trump Tower Moscow, and it got even worse for Trump when BuzzFeed reported that he’d offered Vladimir Putin a free penthouse as a bribe. As the scandal keeps getting darker, and Trump’s prospects circle the drain in real time, he’s having a berserk meltdown.

In what is perhaps a sign of just how rattled Donald Trump is, he’s not even having his meltdown on Twitter. Instead he’s having it behind the scenes. CNN is reporting on-air that Trump is “spooked” and “completely distracted” and in a “terrible mood.” Trump’s behavior is so out of control behind the scenes, his own people are venting about it to the media, or else we wouldn’t be finding out about this. Meanwhile, his Twitter account is telling an even stranger story.

Donald Trump’s Twitter account just posted something about how he’s asked RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel to remain on the job to help him with his “2020 re-elect.” It seems clear to us that Trump himself can’t possibly be writing these tweets, considering he’s hyperventilating behind the scenes, and that one of his misguided staffers is tweeting these things on his behalf in the hope of creating the outward appearance of calm. It’s not working.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Donald Trump is every bit as hosed as he thinks he is. The mainstream media is now finally using words like treason and bribery to describe Trump’s financially and politically intertwined corrupt relationship with a foreign enemy of the United States.

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