Get your popcorn, it’s happening

We’re three-quarters through one of the most surreal days in American political history, and it just keeps getting even more surreal. Michael Cohen walked into a courtroom this morning and confirmed that Donald Trump was plotting with the Russians during the 2016 election to build Trump Tower Moscow. Since then, the news has kept getting stranger – and it’s finally, after two years, reaching critical mass tonight.

The only thing that could put this day over the top would be if we learned that Donald Trump was plotting the Trump Tower Moscow deal with the specific Russians who were also working to alter the outcome of the election in his favor – and if Trump offered to give Vladimir Putin the penthouse. So naturally, BuzzFeed just now reported both those things. This is now, unquestionably, a situation in which Trump’s financial dealings with Russia and his election meddling scheme with Russia were part of the same quid pro quo scandal.

This is, essentially, what we’ve been waiting for all along. It’s confirmation that Donald Trump’s corrupt international finances and corrupt international politics weren’t a mere coincidence borne out of the fact that Trump is the most corrupt person in history. It’s that Russia installed Trump as President of the United States specifically because it owned him financially.

This validates everything that’s been put forward these past couple years about the severity of the Trump-Russia scandal. It is what we thought it was. This is literally treason on the part of Donald Trump. He is a bought and paid for puppet of Vladimir Putin. It’s out in the open now, the mainstream is feasting on it, and there’s no putting it back in the bottle. Also, this is just getting started, because Mueller surely has a hundred times more evidence than what he’s made public today. Here we go. Get your popcorn, it’s happening.

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