Donald Trump begs John Bolton not to testify against him

When Donald Trump woke up this morning, he went on a frantically surreal Twitter bender, posting dozens of retweets before the sun fully came up. He retweeted a certain Fox News host seven times in a row. He retweeted a certain GOP Congressman eight times. It was that kind of bender. But then, for his final retweet, he chose – of all people – John Bolton.

Yes, that John Bolton. The same John Bolton who helped blow up Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion plot. The same John Bolton whom Trump fired over it. The same John Bolton who is currently flirting with testifying against Trump in the impeachment inquiry. That’s the guy Trump decided to retweet this morning.

Trump chose the tweet that John Bolton posted on September 10th, commemorating 9/11. Of course that’s the same day that Trump fired Bolton, making it a particularly weird choice. Then again, Bolton hasn’t tweeted anything since September 10th. But the message couldn’t have been much more clear: Trump is belatedly trying to align himself with Bolton, in a feeble last ditch effort at convincing Bolton not to testify.

We don’t know for sure what John Bolton will end up doing. He keeps advertising the importance of his testimony. He seems to want to testify in order to get his revenge and help drive demand for his upcoming tell-all book, but he also seems to want legal cover for his testimony. In any case, whatever Bolton ends up doing, it won’t be influenced by Donald Trump’s decision to retweet him. Bolton is as cold blooded as they come. Trump screwed with the wrong guy and he knows it.

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