Oh good, Donald Trump wants to incriminate himself again

The trouble for Donald Trump in his Ukraine extortion scandal is that it’s so ugly, and he’s so clearly guilty, there’s probably no smart way for him to handle it. So instead he keeps trying every dumb way he can think of to handle it, presumably in the hope that one of his bad ideas ends up being so terrible it somehow magically works in his favor.

Keep in mind that the impeachment process against Donald Trump – which was going to happen eventually but was still slowly percolating at the time – got kickstarted when Trump stupidly released a rough transcript of his phone call with the President of Ukraine. Even though that transcript turned out to have been whitewashed in a few key ways, it still directly proved Trump’s guilt.

Since that time Trump has tried to go the other way, by stomping his feet and demanding that no one show up to testify against him. That hasn’t worked either, as more than a dozen current and former Trump administration officials have now testified to Trump’s guilt. So now Trump has apparently decided to go back to incriminating himself.

Donald Trump told the media today that on Tuesday he’ll release the transcript of another phone call he had with the President of Ukraine. Why? No one knows. Trump seems to narcissistically think that anything he does is automatically justified. He released the first transcript because he didn’t think there was anything wrong with the felony he committed during that phone call. We can only presume that this new transcript will also incriminate him, for things that he also thinks were just fine.

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