Donald Trump’s Alabama football game isn’t going quite the way he hoped

What do you do if you’re Donald Trump and you’re so widely despised you just got booed at the World Series in Washington DC, and booed at a UFC event in New York City? You try retreating into the safety of a deep red state and hope it goes better for you. But Trump’s visit to a University of Alabama college football game isn’t going quite the way he was hoping.

Donald Trump faced major protests outside the Alabama game, including the now-famous “Baby Trump” balloon. Inside the stadium he fared better, as the majority of the crowd cheered him when he was introduced. But some booing could be heard, despite the Alabama Student Government Association’s since-aborted attempt at suppressing booing by threatening to ban students from future games.

The trouble for Trump today is two-fold. First, if he was hoping to generate a narrative that he was overwhelmingly cheered, he didn’t quite get it. Most media reports on the game will mention that there was some booing, which reveals that even deep in the epicenter of his own voting demographic, Trump got a mixed response.

Second – and this may just be bad luck on Donald Trump’s part – this was supposed to be a closely matched game, but Alabama is getting blown out by twenty points in the third quarter. Come to think of it, maybe Trump is serving as Alabama’s bad luck charm. The school had no business inviting a traitor, killer of immigrant children, and serial sexual assaulter like Donald Trump to a college event. The controversial presence of a monster like Trump could be serving to distract the Alabama football team from the game.

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