Let the Avalanche Begin!

As Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s version of Lord Voldemort blustered and spewed hateful rhetoric at CPAC today, the Resistance got busy. Think Progress reported last night that Enterprise and National Car Rental Companies are the first to sever business ties with the NRA. The article explains that the above-referenced car rental companies are among 22 total who offered discounts to NRA members.

HWhat the NRA’s Voldermort does not seem to comprehend is that we are not afraid to speak up and take action, and that we WILL! One can psychologically project, fume, vent, act ridiculously arrogant, and attempt to belittle and offend the majority of our nation; however, for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. This time and going forward the reaction is a resounding NO! Just NO. Period. NO. And I believe the blowback will continue like an avalanche!

As the avalance is gaining momentum, enter billionaire Tom Steyer on his handsome white steed – riding to the rescue of America’s school children. Mr. Steyer’s NextGen is partnering with gun safety groups Giffords and Everytown Gun Safety, to target high school students for voter registration. All, of course, with the stated intention of ousting NRA-bottom-feeding Congresspersons who refuse to take appropriate action. Of cousre, Mr. Steyer is generously pledging more funding for this project, adding to the already-stated $30 million to flip the House this year. And, in their infinite, visionary wisdom, this collaborative is planning to register students early, so that they are auto registered when eligible to vote.

This isn’t going away. The avalanche continues to gain momentum. And we still aren’t afraid to call guilty NRA harlots what they are and by name.
Perhaps the only truthful thing Trump Sr. has ever said is that there is a need to “drain the swamp.” Please find a way to get involved. Let’s pull the plug on them together!