Donald Trump’s Fake News

Woke up to a tweet from the Russian puppet currently occupying the Oval Office (you can look it up), which says that reports of him calling for teachers to carry guns is fake news, and then in same tweet he says teachers should carry guns.

Am I missing something? Does partisan blindness make one a complete idiot? What he basically said was to only believe what comes out of his mouth, a mouth that has been proven to lie six times a day on average – and that’s a fact. It’s a mouth that has admitted to assaulting women and walking in on underage girls in his pageants while they were changing their clothes.

The tweet actually angered me more than most because a lot of times we have to prove he lied, which is usually not too hard. But this one he tells on himself in the same tweet. And that’s not what angers me about it. What angers me is there are so many out there who will blindly agree with him and call media fake, when the lie is right there in black and white.

How and why we got here is something I can’t even attempt to answer. I can’t see how anyone who still supports him could answer that question either.

Kc Childs

Just a guy and his dog, looking for truth in a world of fake news