Robert Mueller drains the swamp

Remember when Donald Trump boasted that he was going to Drain The Swamp? It put the Trump crowd at that rally into a frenzy. But, like all his campaign promises and his declarations, it was just another empty proclamation worthy of a pathological liar. Donald Trump will not and has not fulfilled any campaign promises to aid the American people, but he has fulfilled many efforts towards his own corrupt agenda, IE: The tax scam bill, while undoing all the progressive policies and programs of President Obama and his administration that benefited the American people.

It has become soberingly apparent that Trump’s intention all along was to use the office of the Presidency to pad his bank accounts and advance his businesses, despite the violation of the emoluments clause in the U.S. Constitution, that Richard Painter and Maxine Waters have repeatedly reminded Americans of and in which the GOP Congress have failed to act on. In fact, The Grand Old Party, or as I like to call them, The Greedy Old Parasites, have become the enabler of Trump and his administration. This raises the question of just how deep and how vast does this corruption go? Enter Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin, like most Russians, is a master chess player. He can see four or five moves ahead and as his name and popularity grew in Russia through the 90’s, he might have foreseen his future as President of The Russian Federation. But Putin is also corrupt, devious, calculating, greedy and a thug. Foreseeing his future, Putin began to look at not only The United States, but other powers around the world that he could possibly manipulate, especially with the technological advancement of computers and social media. So in America and with his old KGB cohorts, Putin takes a page out of the Mafia playbook and begins to cultivate his prey in America, through bribes, payoffs and basically gathering dirt on as many members of Congress and influential personalities he could and eventually compromise.

Fast forward to 2014, all the groundwork is laid down and enough KEY PLAYERS in position in the United States government and Putin is President of The Russian Federation, but under heavy sanctions. The time is right for Putin to implement all his efforts, the disinformation campaign into the 2016 election, the hacking of U.S. election machines to maneuver his complicit idiot, Donald Trump, into the White House to achieve his end game. The end game being to have the sanctions lifted, so he can move on 500 billion dollar Arctic Oil Deal with ExxonMobil. It’s all about the MONEY. Enter Robert Swan Mueller III.

Robert Mueller, a pretty good chess player himself, who knows how to FOLLOW THE MONEY. We are about 10 months into the Russian Investigation and there are already 18 indictments handed down with 4 guilty pleas. It looks like we are in the homestretch of this Russian Investigation and only Mueller and his expert team of prosecutors, have a good idea of how many more indictments will be handed down and how many more criminals will fall.

Mueller is cool, calculating and methodical and will keep flipping the players until he reaches Donald Trump, who may ultimately flip all the complicit members of Congress for the best deal he can procure for himself and his family. We could be looking at the biggest congressional takedown in U.S. history, that will easily eclipse Watergate. Time will tell and if it does come to fruition, then Donald J. Trump just may keep one campaign promise to the American people and Drain The Swamp. Frank V. D’Ambra is the author of the books Annihilation and The Pledge

Frank V. D'Ambra

Frank V. D’Ambra is an author, screenwriter, producer & director who was born & raised in The Bronx in NYC. He is the author of the books Annihilation and The Pledge.