Roger Stone: “Jerome Corsi will probably get the death penalty”

Robert Mueller is so close to indicting and arresting Roger Stone, he’s already dragged just about everyone in Stone’s life before a grand jury to make sure it happens. Mueller is apparently even closer to indicting and arresting Jerome Corsi, having gone so far as to present Corsi with a draft of his own indictment. But at this rate, Stone and Corsi might take each other down before Mueller can even get to them.

Roger Stone is accused of having used Jerome Corsi as his go-between with WikiLeaks in order to alter the outcome of the 2016 election in Donald Trump’s favor. They both deny it, but email exchanges between the two – published by the media – strongly suggest otherwise. Last week Corsi admitted to having conspired to help Stone create a cover story for his self-incriminating tweet about it being John Podesta’s time in the barrel. This prompted Stone to accuse Corsi of having been drunk. Now things have gotten much uglier.

Corsi’s new defense strategy is to hire a stunt lawyer, best known for things like trying to get President Obama deported, as his criminal defense attorney. How bad of an idea is this? Roger Stone opined today on Instagram that this new lawyer is so bad, “Corsi will probably get the death penalty.” We’re pretty sure he’s being sarcastic, but it shows just how ugly this is getting.

Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi are both publicly insisting they’ll never cut plea deals, and this morning Donald Trump publicly praised Stone for not being a witness against him. The trouble: Trump committed felony witness tampering in the process. Is Stone really delusional enough to think a magic pardon is coming? Or will Stone fold like the rest of them, once Mueller arrests him? Stay tuned.