Another Donald Trump underling has coughed up key evidence to the January 6th Committee

We all watched Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows give the January 6th Committee a treasure trove of evidence against himself, Donald Trump, and others, before backing out of his cooperation. Now it turns out Meadows isn’t the only one.

You may have never heard of Taylor Budowich, but he was Trump’s spokesperson at one point. He’s since become a cooperating witness for the January 6th Committee. According to the Daily Beast, he provided hours of testimony and thousands of pages of documents. But then over the weekend he broke off that cooperation once he realized the committee was seeking his financial records about payments he sent and received in relation to January 6th.

Presumably, Budowich will now be referred to the DOJ for criminal contempt, following in the footsteps of Mark Meadows, who also provided significant cooperation before breaking it off and getting himself referred for contempt. This suggests that Trump’s people really don’t have any idea how to play this. If they weren’t going to cooperate, they could have held onto the evidence and testimony they provided, so they could use it as leverage later if necessary. Instead, by providing valuable cooperation before bailing, they’ve given away their leverage in exchange for nothing and will still end up indicted for contempt.


So this is all going rather poorly for Donald Trump and his people. That’s becoming more clear by the day. But the bigger story may be how intent the January 6th Committee is when it comes to following the money. We now know that it’s been seizing the financial records of Trump’s people in order to trace precisely who funded January 6th and how.

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