Donald Trump’s pathetic response to the March For Our Lives

While the children of America marched for their lives today in an effort to speak to those charged with protecting them from gun violence, the “President” who took the highest oath of office, chose to ignore their cries for help and went on vacation, instead. Not only did people all across the country participate in the March for Our Lives, it turned into a global event.

Among the millions of faces worldwide and here at home, the one face that was noticeably absent was the face of the President of the United States. Considering how much he loves a crowd, his cowardice was on full display. Any legislator collecting a paycheck from the taxpayer can not afford to ignore these children. They’re not marching for tax reform or a new xBox. They’re marching for their lives. They are giving up their play time to march for the right to grow up and grow old. They are marching for their to right leave their house and not get shot.

If the President of the United States can’t take the time to listen, or use his uncontrollable Twitter finger to tweet an ounce of support, it proves that once again, Donald J. Trump is completely unqualified to protect the lives of the American children. When children cry for help, you don’t rob their piggy bank and go on vacation.

Not only did the President ignore the cries of millions of Americans and their children at the March for Our Lives today, he’s putting millions of their precious tax dollars into his pocket each time he visits himself at one of his properties. At least Nero was on stage entertaining the whole audience while Rome burned. Not Trump. You’ll find him hiding on the back nine cashing in bigly.

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