House Democrats to Mick Mulvaney: go to hell

Last night Donald Trump’s Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney made the surreal move of asking a judge to rule that he doesn’t have to honor his House impeachment inquiry subpoena. It was pretty clearly a ham fisted attempt at getting the courts to rule that John Bolton doesn’t need to testify. Now the House Democrats are telling Mulvaney exactly what they think of his little stunt.

House Democrats just said this about Mick Mulvaney’s stunt, according to Politico: “If Mr. Mulvaney had information that contradicts the consistent and incriminating testimony of numerous public servants, Mr. Mulvaney would be eager to testify.” Why does this matter? It’s the latest sign that the Democrats aren’t playing around.

The House Democrats aren’t going to let a loyal Trump stooge like Mick Mulvaney slow down the impeachment inquiry process by playing games in court. Mulvaney already had his chance to testify during his scheduled hearing on Friday. He refused to show up. They subpoenaed him. He still refused to show up. He doesn’t get to continue this fight now; he’s done.

Mick Mulvaney already publicly confessed anyway, and the testimony transcripts from several existing witnesses reveal just how guilty Mulvaney is. He had his opportunity to show up and defend himself, or to tell his side of the story. He took a pass. Thank you, next. Mulvaney will end up in prison after Trump is gone anyway.

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