Ivanka Trump has a whole new reason to be worried about Robert Mueller

For quite some time, readers have been asking Palmer Report when Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation would finally get around to roping in Ivanka Trump, and what he might target her for. Our response has always consisted of two words: Felix Sater. Now it turns out Sater really is Mueller’s inside man, and that Ivanka has a whole new reason to be worried that Mueller will be coming after her as well.

Palmer Report has long pointed out three things about Felix Sater. 1) He’s a convicted Russian mafia money laundering figure. 2) He’s done shady real estate deals with the Trump Organization, including the infamous Trump SoHo debacle, which were spearheaded by Ivanka Trump. 3) At one point he was an FBI informant. If those deals were as dirty as they seemed, and if Sater were to cooperate with Mueller, it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine Mueller indicting Ivanka on money laundering or other similar charges. Guess what?

Felix Sater is still a government informant, according to two current FBI agents who spoke to BuzzFeed in a new expose (link). It’s important to keep in mind that Robert Mueller has access to just about any government resource or asset he wants. Because Sater is still working as a government informant, he has to cooperate with Mueller on Trump-Russia. In fact BuzzFeed says that Sater has in fact already been interviewed by Mueller.

So now we know that Robert Mueller knows everything that Felix Sater knows. This is really bad news for Donald Trump, because Sater was a business adviser to him back in the days before his foray into politics. But this appears to be even worse news for Ivanka Trump, because she’s the one who led the charge in the Trump Organization’s deals with Sater. It’s also a reminder that Mueller seems to always win when it comes to getting the cooperation of these kinds of Trump-Russia figures.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report