Adam Schiff hints at why Robert Mueller issued his statement about Donald Trump and Michael Cohen

On Friday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller caught just about everyone off guard when he issued a statement asserting that unspecified portions of the BuzzFeed bombshell were incorrect. At the time, Palmer Report pointed out the most likely reason for why Mueller did what he did. Now House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff is hinting at the same thing.

The BuzzFeed article spurred a national conversation about the impeachment process against Donald Trump beginning immediately. Based on the way House Democrats were talking in public, it sounded like they were perhaps preparing to introduce articles of impeachment as soon as Monday. When Robert Mueller stated that some details of the article were inaccurate, the net result is that House Democrats decided to pull back for a hot minute until Mueller explains what really happened.

Mueller would have known that this would be the result of his statement, so Palmer Report suggested on Friday that this was in fact his goal. If the House Democrats were to file articles of impeachment that were based on a news article that was even slightly less than 100% correct, that would have handed Donald Trump an easy way to fight back against such charges. Mueller seemingly spoke up in order to prevent that scenario from happening.


Sure enough, Adam Schiff appeared on Face The Nation on CBS on Sunday morning and suggested that this is precisely why Robert Mueller did what he did. It’s not clear if Schiff was getting this from Mueller himself, or if it was merely his own presumption. That said, there is ample evidence that committee chairs like Schiff have been working in tandem with Mueller on at least a basic level.

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