Robert Mueller just told us something big about his endgame timeframe

Even as everyone continues to try to figure out why Special Counsel Robert Mueller made a point of announcing that certain details of the BuzzFeed bombshell were incorrect, Palmer Report (and apparently Adam Schiff) believe it’s because Mueller was afraid the House Democrats would immediately file impeachment charges based on a news article that wasn’t quite 100% correct. But whatever the reason, Mueller just told us something big about the timeframe for his endgame.

After BuzzFeed told us that Donald Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie under oath about Trump Tower Moscow, Robert Mueller told us that some details of this story are incorrect. However, he didn’t say which details are incorrect. This has created a situation where Michael Cohen is set to publicly testify before the House Oversight Committee on February 7th, and no one asking him the questions will have any idea what Mueller was hinting at with his statement.

There is no way Mueller will allow this to happen, because it would leave the Democrats on the committee unsure of what to even ask Cohen, and it would hand the Republicans on the committee the opportunity to grandstand in front of the television cameras. So now we know that Mueller is planning to do something before February 7th which will clear up why he issued his statement. That’ll mean revealing what really went on.


We still have no idea how, or precisely when, Robert Mueller will make this happen. But now he’s put himself in a position where, in the next seventeen days, he all but has to reveal what transpired between Donald Trump and Michael Cohen with regard to Trump Tower Moscow. He wouldn’t do this unless he’s planning to make an endgame move in that timeframe accordingly.

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