Rudy Giuliani screws up and admits Michael Cohen lied about Trump Tower Russia after all

On Thursday, BuzzFeed reported that Michael Cohen had lied under oath about Trump Tower Moscow, that Donald Trump had instructed him to do so, and that Robert Mueller had specific evidence to prove it all. On Friday, Mueller stated that some unspecified details of the BuzzFeed report were incorrect. Trump and his team immediately seized the opportunity to falsely accuse the entirety of the BuzzFeed report of being false. But now Rudy Giuliani has promptly blown that.

Giuliani hit the Sunday morning talk show circuit and admitted that the Trump Tower Moscow negotiations between Team Trump and Russia did take place, and that they did continue all the way through the end of the election. Rudy has stipulated to some variation of this before, but this time he also admitted that Donald Trump himself participated in this process. So why does this matter?

Rudy did not admit that Donald Trump told Michael Cohen to lie under oath. But Rudy did just confess to a series of details which confirm that Michael Cohen lied under oath about Trump Tower Moscow. This confirms half of BuzzFeed’s report. Thus it significantly weakens Team Trump’s assertion this weekend that the entirety of the BuzzFeed report was incorrect.


If Team Trump was going to take the position that BuzzFeed had it all wrong, the best way to sell that would have been to stay away from interviews entirely, because any good interviewer was going to ask about the details. Because Rudy Giuliani went on television to try to take a victory lap on Donald Trump’s behalf, it merely resulted in Rudy having to admit that the Trump Tower Moscow plot was very real, and that Donald Trump was indeed at the center of it.

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