Donald Trump goes off the deep end: “I hate everyone”

If you’ve gotten the sense that Donald Trump has become even more miserable than usual over the past weeks, and that he’s been lashing out in pure unraveling spite because he knows it’s all collapsing on him, it turns out you’re not alone. Trump’s own closest advisers are now saying the same thing about him. Even Trump has reached a point where he pretty much hates everyone around him – and he’s saying so in exact words.

In a new profile from Vanity Fair which quotes a number of White House insiders who were wise enough to leave out their names, Trump is painted as having a broken psyche and a dark mood (link). One reason these advisers may be choosing to speak out: he’s taking it out on them. According to one of them, Trump has flatly declared “I hate everyone” in the White House. With so many close Trump allies now going public with their concerns about his collapsing mental state, it’s clear they’re scared – and they’re trying to stage a public intervention.

Of course Trump can fire most of the people in the White House out of pure spite, without needing to give a reason – so they’re mostly unwilling to put their names on these quotes. Nonetheless, they’re trying to sound the alarm. Are they trying to send a message to Trump through the media? Are they trying to signal to the Republican Congress that it’s time for impeachment?

In any case, it’s time for everyone involved to start listening. Democratic Congressman Al Green introduced Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump in the House of Representatives today. There will be a vote. There is no expectation that any Republicans in the House will vote “yes” to hold impeachment hearings. That’s stunning, considering even Trump’s own people are now publicly begging for him to be ousted.

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