Congressman introduces Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump on House floor

The impeachment process is a thousand steps, and this is merely Step One, but it officially happened today. Congressman Al Green has introduced articles of impeachment against Donald Trump today, reading them aloud on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. What may be most important here is that no one else in the House is even trying to interrupt him.

To be as clear as possible, a majority vote in the House is required just for impeachment hearings to begin – and there is absolutely no indication that enough House Republicans are currently willing to side with the Democrats in order to start those hearings. But while Al Green’s articles of impeachment are not likely to lead to any imminent impeachment hearings, this is a major symbolic step in the process. The most important aspect in this process may be that Green’s speech is airing live on CSPAN and will receive airtime on various cable news networks. From a strategic standpoint, Green’s timing is perfect.

This comes just three days after Republican Senator Bob Corker stated for the record that he believes Donald Trump is going to get us all killed because he’s too psychologically unstable for the job. Because Corker is from Trump’s own party, that kind of thing goes a long way toward convincing the American middle – which already largely doesn’t support Trump – that it is indeed time for him to be ousted. Al Green’s articles of impeachment will receive significant attention from the media and the public because the discussion is already underway as to whether Trump is mentally unfit for office.

Congressman Al Green has been threatening to introduce these articles of impeachment for some time, and he appears to have been waiting for when he could land the most impact in the court of public opinion. Going forward, the question on the minds of the public may now be why the Republicans are refusing to impeach Donald Trump.

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