Donald Trump’s advisers give away that they think the 25th Amendment is coming

Donald Trump is clearly becoming more dangerously psychologically unstable by the day. We know this based on observing his deteriorating public words and behavior. We know this because a Republican Senator has told us so. We know this because Trump’s own advisers are now saying it to the media. His advisers are also giving away something else: they think the 25th Amendment is coming.

Two of Trump’s current advisers are now leaking that Steve Bannon has tried to warn Donald Trump that the 25th Amendment would end up being invoked against him, according to a new Vanity Fair profile (link). What’s stunning is that these two current advisers are willing to leak this information. They’re now choosing to push the discussion of the 25th Amendment into the public square, either because they’re trying to deliver one final wake-up call to Trump, or because they think he’s so far gone they want it to be invoked. It gets worse for him.

Invoking the 25th Amendment would require the involvement of Mike Pence and the majority of the cabinet. Trump largely stacked his cabinet with people who were personally or financially loyal to him – but it’s unclear how many of their positions may have changed as they’ve watched him unravel. With so many of Trump’s cabinet members now awash in travel scandals, and one of them having already had to resign, Trump could end up quickly losing whatever cabinet buffer he might have had. There’s also another consideration.

As Donald Trump’s cabinet members continue to be forced out in scandal, the Senate gets to approve any new replacements. If the Senate Republicans want Trump ousted, but don’t want to have to do it themselves, they can simply force those positions to remain vacant, allowing Pence and the majority of the remaining cabinet to vote him out.

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