No Trump-Russia collusion? Nice try

In 2017, Trump argued there’s “no collusion” with Russia. His excuses are that it’s a made up story, a ruse, and an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election. Each time a new piece of the puzzle appears, he immediately deflects it with a lie 
The 17 intelligence agencies of our nation have reported that Russians DID interfere in 2016. The hacking of the DNC to retrieve emails DID occur. All of this is reported and documented for all to see. Yet, Trump calls anything that discredits his presidency “fake news.”

On top of this, if anyone raises questions about Trump’s Russia connections, he throws them out the door. This began with Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, and most recently with FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Why is he doing this? It is very clear that he’s trying to hide something. Why else would he constantly obstruct justice?

On top of the intelligence reports, there is the controversial ‘Dossier.’ There is a key section that many people are overlooking. In the section that discusses Rosneft and Carter Page, it states: “PAGE expressed interest and confirmed that were TRUMP elected US president, then sanctions on Russia would be lifted.”

When Trump first took office, one of his first actions was to immediately lift sanctions on Russia. Why would he do this? There is only one answer. Trump did agree to lift sanctions on Russia in exchange for their help in hacking the election. How do we know this to be true? We watch Trump’s actions! He still refuses to enforce tougher sanctions on Russia, despite the new bill passed by Congress! His inaction IS the evidence of collusion! Its the ‘quid pro quo’ everyone is talking about. It’s that simple!

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