Donald Trump’s latest surreal Russia scandal twist

Trump and his branded Miami properties are experiencing a boom in tourism. It seems that it is quite a status symbol for Russian women to travel to Miami and have a baby. Of course, these new mothers and their offspring need a comfortable place to relax, regroup and recover. And, of course, they want to be close to the beach. The “birth tourists” or vacationers-with-a-newborn can pay up to $100,000 (childcare may be included) or, if on a budget, there are DIY packages. Apparently, there is Great Russian status that comes with the “TRUMP” birth tourist package.

To be clear, I know birth tourism is not against the law. It is guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. Those babies have dual citizenship. They can travel freely between the USA and their “home” country. When that child turns 21, as a US citizen, he/she can sponsor the parents’ application for a green card.
The Chinese are flocking to do the same in California. Other countries, other birth packages. But the Russians are drawn to Miami.

For President Trump to be party to pregnant Russian women giving birth in the USA for citizenship for their children (source: NBC News) seems, at a minimum, ironic. There just seems to be something so wrong with that reality.

Maybe if Trump hadn’t made such a big deal about immigration, it might seem less hypocritical. Trump has been singing about immigration from the minute he came down his golden elevator. He hasn’t changed his tune. Trump believes that most of the problems in this country are due to chain migration, our “lottery” migration system and those darn South-of-the-Border folks that keep getting over the border. Not one word about Russian newborns.

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