Why the media won’t admit that Donald Trump is a walking corpse

Over the past few months we’ve seen Donald Trump go from merely being a guy with severe psychological problems, to something far different. He now slurs his words. He can’t complete a coherent sentence. He gets confused and wanders off in the middle of joint press conferences and bill signings. He needs two hands to hold a bottle of water. Trump is rapidly becoming, no joke, virtually a walking corpse. The man’s physical and mental competence are in freefall. So why won’t most of the mainstream media talk about it?

It’s always tricky to speculate about the health of a public figure. It can get you accused of going there simply because you don’t like the person. It can evoke reminders that none of us are medical professionals. In fact, Trump and the far right spent the entire election making absurd and baseless claims about Hillary Clinton’s health, even though she was fully transparent with her medical records. In contrast, Trump refused to release legitimate medical records, and instead asked us to rely on the generic word of a weirdo quack who later admitted he was lying.

Nonetheless, Trump’s rapidly declining health is now arguably the most pressing story of his illegitimate presidency. Sure, he’s a Russian traitor and he’s trying to dismantle our democracy in favor of a lawless authoritarian regime. But just look at him. He looks like a guy who could be a total vegetable, or in the ground from natural causes, by the end of the month. So let’s talk about what we’re really seeing here.

Donald Trump is displaying consistent signs of senility. Is it from dementia, or Alzheimer’s, or is the stress of his failing presidency exacerbating his existing psychological problems to the point of senility? The most likely explanation for his sudden two-handed drinking style is either a stroke or a neurological disorder. Either of those diagnoses would also explain his slurred speech. These are serious conditions, and Trump appears to be suffering from one or more of them. Yet the media won’t touch it. Why? They’re afraid they’ll be seen as being too mean to him, or too speculative. Well too bad. This is a crisis, and we all know it, and they’re pretending it’s not even happening.

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