Susan Collins has meltdown about her tax scam vote

Yesterday, Palmer Report pointed out that there was something utterly bizarre going on with Senator Susan Collins. She went from being the most reasonable moderate Republican in the Senate, and unafraid of standing up to her own party, to callously voting for a horrid tax scam bill and having the peaceful protesters in her office arrested. Now that she’s predictably facing backlash, Collins is melting down down under the pressure.

Susan Collins went against her own party to save ObamaCare this summer, creating the expectation that she would continue to oppose any harmful legislation. But now that the GOP is trying to ram through a devastating scam that would raise taxes on the middle class, take health care away from millions of Americans, and explode the deficit, Collins is suddenly voting “yes.” That’s led millions of mainstream Americans, including many in her home state of Maine, to angrily feel betrayed. Her response today to the backlash was nothing short of stunning.

Collins has been claiming that she has assurances from Mitch McConnell that the damage this bill does to health care will somehow be magically fixed later. There is no possible way that McConnell will ever let that happen. So either Collins has been duped, or she’s lying. Much of the media and the public have given her the benefit of the doubt by suggesting that she’s merely been duped. So how did Collins respond to this? By staging a meltdown in which she claims that the criticism of her is “sexist.” Her logic is that everyone is assuming she’s gullible or stupid because she’s a woman. Wait, what?

This is deranged. The media and the public have been overly generous to Susan Collins by allowing for the possibility that she might simply have been duped on this. I’ve been less generous; I’ve said from the start that she’s lying. Either way, she’s going completely off the deep end by claiming that her former supporters who have turned against her are somehow being sexist about it. It’s clear she’s panicking and floundering, now that she realizes she just threw her career away. Yet she refuses to change her vote. There are now protests against her across the state of Maine. She’ll be lucky if she’s not forced to resign her seat in shame before we even get to 2020.

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