Republican insider hints that ultimate Trump-Russia bombshell will land in two weeks

Even with the nation’s focus having recently turned to how poorly Donald Trump is handling the white supremacist terrorist attack Charlottesville, his Russia scandal is still looming large in the background. The media has put together one piece after another, even as Special Counsel Robert Mueller has silently hammered away behind the scenes. But now one prominent Republican insider is hinting that a huge Trump-Russia bombshell is about two weeks away.

Way back in December of 2016, longtime Republican strategist Rick Wilson – who has stood loudly against Donald Trump from the start – posted a cryptic prediction on Twitter in Guy Fawkes style: “Remember, remember, The 8th of November, ‘Twas Putin, and treason and plot; I see no reason Why pro-Russian treason Should ever be forgot.” At the time it didn’t seem to refer to anything in particular. But this evening Wilson quoted his own poem and added “Just wanted to re-up this. You’ll know why in about two weeks.” (link). So what the heck is he referring to with this new message?

He merely added “I’m going to gloat like a mofo,” without pointing to anything specific. But it’s important to note here that Rick Wilson is well connected in the Republican Party in particular and in politics in general. He also tends to be cautious with his predictions – meaning that he knows something specific is coming.

But still, it could be just about anything. Former Trump business associate Felix Sater is in the news today, having reportedly said that he thinks he and Trump are both going to prison (link). There is also the claim floating around that Mueller has subpoenaed Trump (link). But as for what Wilson knows is coming, and whether it has anything to do with the above storylines, we’ll have to wait another two weeks to find out.

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