Scandalous new details emerge in Steve Bannon’s acid bathtub incident

Earlier this year a bizarre story emerged about a house in Florida that had been rented to Donald Trump’s White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. Among a number of other scandalous details was the assertion that Bannon’s bathtub appeared to have been destroyed by some kind of acid. This set off all kinds of alarms on social media. Now, thanks to the tenant who moved in after Bannon moved out, scandalous new details have emerged about the “acid bathtub” and the house in general.

Political site ShareBlue was able to land an interview with Lawrence Curtis, the tenant who lived in the house after Steve Bannon had rented the place. Not only was the bathtub indeed visibly destroyed, Curtis found himself falling ill after he moved in. So he purchased methamphetamine test kits and was able to confirm that the house was fully contaminated by meth. At that point the owner of the house admitted to Curtis that the prior tenants (meaning Bannon or whoever was living there while Bannon was renting it) had indeed been using it to manufacture meth. But it gets even worse.

Everyone from a handyman to an exterminator told the new tenant that the Bannon-era tenants had been using the house to film porn movies. This means there is very real and very disturbing possibility that Steve Bannon porn films exist. However it’s still unclear whether Bannon himself was actually living in the house; the original reporting from this spring seemed to suggest that Bannon had rented the place in his own name simply to establish residency in the state, and that the actual full time tenants were Bannon’s ex-wife and her drug dealing boyfriend.

For further reading and even more gory details, check out the new interview from ShareBlue here. And if you’re not familiar with the original Washington Post story about the acid bathtub from March, you can find it here.

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