Alex Oronov, dead Trump-Russia conspirator, had just bought real estate from Mar-a-Lago members

One day after the announcement of the death of Alex Oronov, who played a key role in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, the picture of Oronov is still coming together. For instance he was an in-law of Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen. At the time of his death he was a resident of a Trump branded building in South Florida. And now it turns out Oronov had just bought real estate from Mar-a-Lago members shortly before his participation in the Trump-Russia plot began.

Alex Oronov’s death has been announced by Andrey Artemenko, one of his conspirators in a Kremlin plot to use Donald Trump to oust the president of the Ukraine. Artemenko insists that Oronov is dead as a result of his participation in the plot and subsequently having been outed for it. The New York Times first broke word of it on February 19th, but it reported that the meeting between the conspirators took place in “late January.” The meeting was arranged by Oronov, presumably sometime shortly beforehand.

As Palmer Report first reported last night, Alex Oronov owned a condo in a building called “Trump Hollywood” in Florida, and appears to have been living there for several years. But real estate records unearthed today by Kristjan Thorsteinson reveal that on January 6th, the sale of a $1.5 million condo to Alex Oronov was finalized. The seller: Toll First Avenue LLC, a company owned by the Toll Brothers, a pair of prominent members in Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago private club.

So what does all this mean? The sale of the condo from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago pals to Oronov had been pending for nearly two years before it suddenly went through on January 6th. Oronov then went on to arrange the Ukraine plot meeting, which took place two to three weeks later. Was this a mere coincidence or was the luxury condo a back channel gift to Alex Oronov for setting up the meeting? In any case, Oronov is now dead, and Artemenko insists it’s because of Trump-Russia. We’ll keep digging. Contribute to Palmer Report

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