We told you last month Jared Kushner was caught up in Trump-Russia. He’s not the only Trump family member.

More than a month ago, Palmer Report brought you the news of a credible report citing multiple members of Donald Trump’s family having been caught up in the Trump-Russia scandal, with their incriminating calls having been intercepted in the process. This evening it’s being widely reported that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has indeed been caught up in precisely that fashion.

We point this out not to say “we told you so” but instead to share with you the other half of this story that hasn’t yet broken. Our article dated April 22nd reported that multiple members of the Trump family had been intercepted committing illegal activities (link). Tonight’s report from Reuters reveals that Kushner was indeed intercepted making phone calls to the Russian Ambassador during the campaign and potentially discussing illegal financing in exchange for sanctions relief (link). This is enough for us to believe that tonight’s story is in fact confirmation of last month’s report.

As such, the key going forward is that the original report asserted multiple members of Donald Trump’s family had been intercepted conducting illegal business in relation to the Trump-Russia scandal. That means it’s not just Kushner. So who is it? We can rule out the little kid Barron, as well as Tiffany Trump, who’s not closely associated with her father. And while something could change, we don’t think there’s logical reason to believe it was Melania.

That leaves Ivanka, Donald Jr, and Eric – and there are reasons to suspect all three. Junior has been bragging about his business trips to Russia dating back to 2008. Eric told a golfing partner a few years ago that his dad had major Russian financing. And when it comes to Ivanka, what are the odds that her husband Jared Kushner was this deeply caught up in colluding with Russia, without her knowledge or involvement? We don’t know which additional Trump family member is caught up in this. But look for the next shoe to drop on one (or more) of them. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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