FBI: Jared Kushner may have negotiated Russian loans for Donald Trump team in exchange for sanctions

If you’ve spent the past months trying to figure out why Jared Kushner secretly met with the Russian Ambassador in December and then turned around and met with the head of a Russian government-controlled bank, those two dots have finally been tied together by a new leak to the media this evening. Kushner and Russia may have been negotiating Russian bank financing for Trump’s team in exchange for sanctions relief.

That’s the lede buried all the way in the eighteenth paragraph of a new Reuters article this evening (link), which reveals that the FBI is investigating whether that sequence of events in December was in fact an attempt at negotiating “financing to people with ties to Trump” in exchange for Trump’s removal of U.S. sanctions which have been costly to Russia.

If this proves true, it would provide a basis of explanation for the entirety of Donald Trump and his team’s fascination with Russia. It would also be the kind of criminal conspiracy that would send nearly everyone involved to prison. It’s not yet clear who on Trump’s team was supposed to have been getting this financing, but that merely ropes in even more co-conspirators.

Now we know why the FBI is investigating Jared Kushner’s activities with regard to Donald Trump’s Russia scandal. It’s not just the reported backchannel that Kushner was trying to set up with the Russian government during the transition period – it’s the criminal activities that Kushner and Russia may have been planning to negotiate through that secret backchannel. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter.