Robert Mueller provides the template for how Donald Trump will be dismantled

As we’ve been saying from the start of Donald Trump’s illegitimate presidency, it’s tricky to predict when he’ll ultimately be ousted and brought to justice, because the political and criminal justice systems each have their own peculiar internal clocks. But Special Counsel Robert Mueller has laid out the template for how Trump will in fact be dismantled.

To get an idea of what awaits Donald Trump, all you really have to do is look at the practice run that Robert Mueller is currently carrying out with Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Trump and Manafort have lived similar lives helping evil people do their dirty work. Manafort was a “fixer” for the scummiest of criminal politicians; Trump’s real estate properties have always been mere money laundering fronts for the world’s wealthiest criminals. Both men eagerly married themselves to Vladimir Putin’s money. Both have illegally tried to obstruct the investigations into them.

How has that worked out for Paul Manafort? He’s currently under house arrest while awaiting trial. He’s two days away from being sent to prison for having tried to tamper with witnesses. He’s facing more than three hundred years in prison on charges including money laundering, fraud, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy against the United States. No outside legal observers think he has any real chance at trial. Even if he’s somehow successfully pardoned at the federal level, he’ll still face state level charges. Oh, and Mueller is in the process of seizing his assets, including his homes.

So this is what Donald Trump has to look forward to. He’ll face similar criminal charges and a similar multi-hundred year sentence. Even if the Feds can’t finish him off, New York State will. And he’s going to lose all of his prized assets, from Trump Tower to Mar-a-Lago, in the process. Robert Mueller is using the prosecution of Paul Manafort to lay the groundwork for how Trump will be dismantled as well.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report