Donald Trump’s base goes completely off the rails

I spend very little time focusing on Donald Trump’s political base, and it’s not simply because they’re not people I can respect. It’s because they’re not politically relevant. My math says that Trump’s base is roughly 15% of the population. FiveThirtyEight thinks it’s closer to 20%. The point is that these are not the people keeping Trump in office; it’s the other 20% of people outside his base, still tentatively propping him up in approval ratings polls, that allow him to survive. But today I’m going to talk about Trump’s base specifically, because of how they just went off the rails.

Even the pond scum who support Donald Trump’s abhorrent policies would be forced to admit – if they were being honest – that from their point of view, his presidency has been one failure after another. The mythical Mexican border wall never did get built. The stock market is down ten percent since Trump began his trade war. ObamaCare is still largely intact. Most of the nonwhite immigrants are still here. Trump’s white trash base was promised an all-white America in which they would all magically get wealthy. He’s only managed to do about one-tenth of the damage he promised his piece-of-crap supporters he would do.

Yesterday was a different story. Donald Trump score a “victory” when he signed a deal with North Korea. Of course this is the worst deal in United States history. Kim Jong Un gave up literally nothing. Trump achieved zero of his goals. Even he admitted, in a rare and weird moment of honesty, that his deal is likely to fail and that he’ll just blame someone else when it does. But if you’re Trump’s base, and you’ve been watching him get his ass kicked every single day of his failed presidency, you’re desperate enough to count anything as a win – and so they were off to the races.

Donald Trump’s supporters love targeting me on social media, because in their deluded minds, hurling personal insults at a relative nobody like me is somehow going to save Trump’s failing presidency. After the North Korea deal was announced, there was a marked change. For instance, the number of death threats I received from Trump supporters went up tenfold yesterday. These scumbags are more emboldened than ever. But they’re in for quite a shock.

For one thing, this pathetically one-sided North Korea deal isn’t going to save him from the fate awaiting him. It was a total swing and a miss. Further, we’re just a few days away from the prison phase of the Trump-Russia scandal. Paul Manafort will be sent to prison on Friday. Michael Cohen now says he expects to be arrested within days. Roger Stone is about to be arrested. This is the part where the big players are offered plea deals, and the first one to bite gets the best deal. Any of these three men can single handedly take Trump down. In other words, we’re about to go right back to wall-to-wall coverage of Trump’s crimes. So much for his base having something to celebrate.

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