Annapolis firm raided by FBI today has connection to Donald Trump’s money laundering Taj Mahal casino

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Two hours ago the FBI raided a political firm in Annapolis, Maryland by the name of Strategic Campaign Group. Palmer Report’s own research team has since been able to determine that the firm in question has ties to Trump campaign advisers Paul Manafort and Roger Stone (link). But it turns out the firm also has ties to Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal casino – which has suddenly come into focus this month for its past federal penalties for money laundering.

The connection between the firm raided by the FBI today and Trump’s casino empire was first put together by Beth Brigham, who documented them with screen caps here (link). We’ve inspected the connections ourselves, and they do indeed pan out. Here’s how the dots connect. According to the State of Maryland’s official lobbying website, Strategic Campaign Group registered in 2012 on behalf of Prince George’s Racing Ventures (link).

According to the Maryland gaming website, Prince George’s Racing Ventures is also known as Penn National Gaming (link). And according to an interview in Casino Connection Magazine, a guy named James Perry ran Penn National Gaming before he went on to run Trump Entertainment Resorts (link). Trump Entertainment Resorts ran two hotels, one of them being Trump Taj Mahal.

This of course does not mean that the FBI’s raid of Strategic Campaign Group was due to its connection to Donald Trump and the Trump Taj Mahal. But if you follow the above source links you’ll see that the connection put together by Beth Brigham does in fact exist. This stands out because just yesterday the Senate Intelligence Committee asked the U.S. Treasury for more information on the money laundering penalties it levied against Trump Taj Mahal in 2015, at a time when Donald Trump still owned a significant stake in it (link). Add this to the connection that the raided firm has to Manafort and Stone (link), and today’s plot thickens. Help fund Palmer Report

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