Sarah Huckabee Sanders admits Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice by firing James Comey

Sarah Huckabee Sanders temporarily took over White House Press Secretary duties this week from Sean Spicer, and today she uttered words that may end up being looked back on as having ended Donald Trump’s presidency. During her briefing today, she flat out admitted in exact words that Trump fired FBI Director James Comey because he wanted the Russia investigation to end. There’s a legal term for that. It’s called obstruction of justice.

Here’s what Huckabee Sanders said today when asked about Comey’s firing and the FBI’s investigation into the Donald Trump campaign and Russia: “We want this to come to its conclusion.” Then she added “We think that we’ve actually, by removing Director Comey, taken steps to make that happen” (link). While the president does have the freedom to fire the FBI Director for no particular reason, he cannot do it for the particular reason of trying to sabotage or end an investigation into himself.

This is the equivalent of robbing a bank, running from the police, and then having your spokesman say that you’re running from the police because you want them to stop pursuing you for the bank robbery. Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke words today which will certainly be repeated in upcoming hearings and trials, and may ultimately be etched in history as the moment in which Trump was sunk.


Sean Spicer, as consistently inept and incompetent as he’s been during his four months as White House Press Secretary, at least never said anything that could get Donald Trump impeached. It’s taken Sarah Huckabee Sanders just four days to hand a smoking gun to those trying to prove that Trump is guilty of a crime. Now might be a good time for a reminder that when Richard Nixon resigned, it was because articles of impeachment were being drafted against him that were headlined by charges of obstruction of justice. Help fund Palmer Report

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