Probe into Donald Trump’s Russian data collusion scheme is pointing back to Jared Kushner

Various senior members of Donald Trump’s campaign had secret contacts with Russian government officials or Russian hackers during the course of the election (Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Roger Stone, numerous others). And various senior Trump campaign members had secret financial relationships with the Kremlin. But the probe into the Trump-Russia scandal is now focusing in on data analytics – and that’s pointing back to Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

New evidence from Time Magazine points to Russia having hacked voter databases on and before election day, having altered voter data, and having conveniently known which precincts and voters to hack (link). It was such a sophisticated and coordinated effort that it’s difficult to believe the Trump campaign wasn’t in on it. That’s part of why Congress and the FBI are now looking into Brad Parscale, who was in charge of the campaign’s analytics and voter targeting. And guess who brought in Parscale?

“He’s Jared’s boy,” a fellow campaign adviser says of Parscale (link). That’s in reference to Jared Kushner, of course. He’s the one who pushed to bring Parscale in to begin with, and he’s the one who allowed him to do whatever he wanted in his position. As Palmer Report has previously pointed out (link), voter data seemed to be passing back and forth between Russia and Trump Tower during the election – and that too had Kushner’s fingerprints all over it.

So now comes the question of whether the targeting of Brad Parscale will prompt him to either willingly flip on, or unwittingly give up incriminating evidence on, Jared Kushner. In these situations, it’s always the underling giving up his boss that leads to the boss going down. And of course if Parscale flips on Kushner, it’ll create a situation in which Kushner might have to flip on Donald Trump to save himself.

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