Dumbass Donald Trump just admitted Russia rigged the election for him

Remember that episode of Law & Order where the defendant was so eager to spite his archnemesis that he ended up blurting out his own guilt in the process? Thanks to Donald Trump’s uncontrollable Twitter addiction, and his obsessive hatred toward President Obama, we’re all now living in that Law & Order episode – because Trump just admitted that Russia rigged the election for him.

Earlier today, the news surfaced that Obama had become aware of the full extent of Russian election meddling before Election Day, but he made the decision to keep it quiet for fear of looking partisan. Political pundits on both sides have spent the afternoon debating whether or not Obama should have gone public with the information before voting took place. But Donald Reump tried a different approach.

Trump was so eager to attack President Obama over the matter, he took to Twitter and blurted out “Just out: The Obama Administration knew far in advance of November 8th about election meddling by Russia. Did nothing about it. WHY?” In so doing, Trump finally admitted that Russia rigged the election. Of course everyone else on earth has long acknowledged this. But Trump had been clinging to the notion that it never happened. So now what?

Donald Trump didn’t admit to committing a crime with this tweet, as he simply acknowledged that Russia illegally rigged the election in his favor; he didn’t admit colluding in it. But once it’s pointed out to him that he unwittingly admitted Russia helped him, look for him to blow a gasket at the specter of his strategic mistake. That should in turn lead to a whole new round of even more reckless tweets, some of which are bound to be self incriminating. So buckle up, because we may be about to get to the part of the Law & Order episode where the defendant, upon realizing he’s just confessed to something, decides he’s got nothing left to lose and admits to everything.

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