Democratic Senator hints that Robert Mueller has a plant within Donald Trump’s ranks

Donald Trump has proven himself to be equally parts delusionally paranoid, for instance baselessly convincing himself that President Obama somehow wiretapped Trump Tower, and equally parts delusionally oblivious, for instance baselessly convincing himself that people like James Comey and Rod Rosenstein were going to rig the Russia investigation in his favor. Now a prominent Democratic Senator is giving Trump a whole new reason to be paranoid about his obliviousness.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse sits on the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, which is investigating the Trump-Russia scandal. Here’s what he just tweeted: “Here’s a happy holiday thought: imagine if someone in GOP anti-Mueller campaign were actually cooperating with Mueller, and gathering evidence of intent to obstruct justice. Just sayin’. I’d love to see those emails!” This is remarkable, because Whitehouse would be in position to know these kinds of things. In other words, he may not just be speaking hypothetically – and that’s the entire point.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is known to be investigating at least one Republican Congressman for his role in the Trump-Russia conspiracy, so it seems likely that Mueller is in fact investigating several Republican Congressmen. Let’s say one of them has already secretly begun cooperating with the investigation in order to avoid prosecution. Let’s say that particular Congressman has indeed wormed his way into Trump’s anti-Mueller posse. Trump wouldn’t know it, and neither would anyone else within that posse.

Simply by bringing up this scenario publicly, Senator Whitehouse is giving Donald Trump and everyone in that anti-Mueller posse good reason to be paranoid about each other. Some of these Republican Congressmen are clearly conspiring with Trump to commit obstruction of justice, a felony. This tweet alone means they’d all better watch their backs. As Palmer Report pointed out yesterday, it appears White House Counsel Don McGahn may have flipped on Trump months ago, yet Trump still has him working in the White House. Trump truly has no idea whom he can or can’t trust.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report